Dietitian appointment
About Kelsey: 
Kelsey is an Accredited Sports Dietitian based in Sydney, with a passion for sharing her nutrition knowledge with athletes and motivated individuals to improve their performance in sport, work and their everyday life. Kelsey works online with a range of clients from elite athletes to busy corporates, weekend warriors and busy parents looking to stay healthy. She is the current Dietitian for Parramatta Eels NRL, and has also worked with the NSW Waratahs and GWS Giants.
Kelsey’s goal is to help people to un-complicate their nutrition, and live their best lives with delicious, nutritious foods to fuel their performance goals. Kelsey has a realistic and wholistic approach to nutrition and loves to help others find enjoyment in food and nutrition through sustainable strategies that can be maintained for life.
Kelsey’s specialty areas of nutrition include:
  • Weight loss
  • Sports nutrition
  • Gut health
  • Mental health 
  • Women’s health 
The process involves:
1. Book in a 60 minute initial consultation. In this session we will discuss your background, your goals, your current lifestyle, training and exercise schedule and current eating patterns. Kelsey will then provide advice and education based on your goals and discuss a suitable action plan that will be put in place, which Kelsey will support you through so you can reach your goals. Kelsey will then be able to provide advice on the best meals and macros for you to order from Fit & Healthy Chef. Structured meal plans can also be included after your initial appointment for an additional fee, which will be discussed during your appointment. 
2. A follow up appointment 2-3 weeks later will be booked in during your session so that you can catch up again with Kelsey, discuss the strategies that worked or didn’t work, and continue to adapt your plan to help you reach your goals.
If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to email Kelsey prior to booking in an appointment:
As a Fit & Healthy Chef customer you can access discounted appointments and meal plans with Kelsey. Simply follow the link below to book in your discounted appointment by clicking on Fit & Healthy Chef 15% Discount Appointment’