Weight Loss

Package designed for weight loss with all the nutrients that you need to fuel your body.


This package has been designed as maintenance and performance goal, to keep you going during your workouts.

Muscle building

Hight protein meals, perfect for individual want to muscle gain .


Our vegetarian selection of meals to keep you going during the day . Our vegetarian meals offer a range of protein alternatives including tofu, vegan mince, legumes to name a few.


Our new Vegan package provides a selection of meals to keep you going during the day , and to make sure you are hitting all your calories and macros to reach your fitness goals.

Low Carb

Your favourite taste meals package with high proteins and vegetables with no more than 21 g of carbs .

Gluten free

The perfect match for the one want to avoid gluten in their diet, without compromise taste and nutrients.​

Meals for everybody

Build your own meal plan. Select the meal you like and the quantity you need from our weekly menu.