Although our food is prepared in professional kitchens by qualified chefs who follow all the best practices, our lawyers made us write this:

Our products are produced in facilities that also handle the following allergens; MILK, EGGS, SOY, SEAFOOD (including CRUSTACEANS), PEANUTS, SESAME SEEDS, SULPHITES, TREE NUTS and GLUTEN.Although some meals may not include these ingredients, it is not possible to guarantee the total absence of these allergens.

Inadvertent cross-contamination may happen. We cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens not listed in the ingredients.

If you have a serious allergy it is advisable you do not purchase meals from Fit & Healthy Chef as we cannot guarantee the complete absence of these ingredients from our products.

The nutritional values listed in the site are based on our info at the time of publication and may vary without prior notice. Allow for a little discrepancy in the actual weight of the meals.

All our meals are portion and calorie-controlled, due to this the weight of your order may vary by up to 20g from the advertised net weight.

Vegetables used in all our meals are seasonal and thus subject to change due to availability, without prior notice.

We cannot guarantee the 100% removal of all bones in our meat and fish products, so we advise caution when consuming such products.